Alveston Alpacas

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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 8.4km   
Time: 2-3 hours
Starts: Rock Street Car Park (directions)

Who doesn’t love a walk that features alpacas? We love seeing them in the field alongside the A38 in Alveston, but driving past doesn’t really give you the chance to say hello properly! So we decided to find a walk from Thornbury to Alveston that takes you to their field, and trust us when we say you get a good view!

We have turned this walk into a circular walk that takes you through some of the surrounding countryside after visiting the alpacas, but if you’re short on time you could just follow the route up until the alpaca field (step 9) and go back the way you came. Up to you!

Let’s get walking…

  1. Start at Rock Street Car Park. Head straight out of the car park and walk past Turnberries. Take the road on your left which goes to an area of garages, then take the footpath to the right of the garages out onto Tyndale View.
  2. Walk to the entrance of Tyndale View, then cross the road (Avon Way) and take the path straight ahead (past the garages) and under the underpass towards Tesco.
  3. Follow the path all the way to the end (past Vilner Lane Wood) until you reach Thornbury Skate Park and the Leisure Centre.
  4. Head up the path straight ahead of you to the skate park/ Krunch and continue straight, keeping the boundary of the field on your right. Just before you reach the allotments, there is a footpath through the hedge into the next field, follow this.
  5. Walk straight along the edge of the field, keeping the hedge on your left. In the left corner there is a footpath into the next field that leads up a hill. Go up the hill and once through the gate, follow the path that heads right.
  6. Climb over a stile and follow the alley to the end until you come out on a road. Go right and follow the road until you come out on Alveston Hill.
  7. Head left for a bit and then cross the road and walk down the first road on the right that goes to Alveston (Down Road).
  8. When you reach Greenhill Road on the left, turn down here and follow it all the way to the end until you come out by the A38 and St Helen School and Church.
  9. Cross the A38 and then there is a footpath almost directly opposite (slightly to the right) that leads you into a footpath between the two alpaca fields!
  10. After saying hello to the alpacas, follow the path all the way to the end and go through the gate into the next field. Cross this field by going straight ahead (it may be useful to refer to the maps we have provided here), continuing on the same trajectory in the next field, before ending up in the top left corner where there is a gate leading out onto a road.
  11. Turn left down the road and then take the first right. It looks like someone’s driveway but there is a black kissing gate immediately to your left which you should take. Walk along the right edge of the field to another black gate, go through this, then cross the track and over the stile into the field beyond.
  12. Cross roughly straight across the field to the stile on the other side. Then continue on a diagonal to the right corner on the opposide side.
  13. You’ll come out on a track, follow this to the gate at the end (before the track turns left), go through the gate and follow the left edge of the field until you reach other gate on your left.
  14. Once through the gate the path forks, take the left fork and go through the gate into thefield. Cross straight across, ending up to the immediate left of the house on the other side. Go through the gate and follow the track straight ahead.
  15. Keep going until you see a small footpath on your left in the hedgerow, over the stream. This is just before you reach Owlsnest Farm. Take this and then head left in the field, walking parallel to the way you just came.
  16. Keeping the hedge on your left, walk along the edge of this field, and the same in the next, and in a third field too. When you reach the end of the third field, don’t exit but turn right and continue around the edge, keeping the hedge again on your left. About half way along you’ll see a gap in the hedges and a footpath into the next field on your left. Follow this, this is the Jubilee Way!
  17. Once you have crossed this final field (sorry, it’s a lot of fields!), go through the gate and you’ll come out on a track. Follow the track to the end, which comes out on the A38.
  18. Cross the A38 and go down the road opposite (it says private road but it is a public footpath).
  19. After a while, the road will open out to a view of Thornbury, with a kissing gate on the right. Go through the gate and head straight down the field until you reach another kissing gate on your left.
  20. Go through the kissing gate and head diagonally down hill and through a set of two metal gates, before heading diagonally down a bit further and through a final gate onto Midland Way.
  21. Cross the road and take the alleyway slightly to the right of where you just crossed. When you come to a crossroads in the path, take the left path, up the gentle slope onto the Thornbury Railway path.
  22. Go left along the railway path (towards Tesco) and then when you reach the end, cross Midland Way, turn right, crossing again at the industrial estate (Cooper Road). Follow the alley to the right of the Essilor building.
  23. Now you’re following the path back to where you started. Turn right and go under the underpass. Cross Avon Way and take the footpath on the left at the end of Tyndale View. Turn right and walk back past Turnberries and across to Rock Street Car Park.

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