Crossways & Morton

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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 5.6km   
Time: 1:30-2 hours    
Starts: Top of Primrose Drive (by post box) (directions)

The Hacket is a well-loved Thornbury walking spot so we decided to find a loop that explored some of the off-road footpaths in the area, joining it all together to start and end by the post box at the top of Primrose Drive.

This one can be muddy so wear good boots or wellies! The route does take you across farmland so please be respectful of any crops or livestock and ensure you keep to the footpaths.

Let’s get walking…

  1. The walk starts at the post box on Morton Way, at the top of Primrose Drive.

  2. Head right along Morton Way, past Primrose Drive and use the new crossing point to cross over into Shrew Gardens on your left.

  3. Walk straight down Shrew Gardens until you reach the (soon-to-be) allotments at the end. To the left of the allotments is a footpath, take this and go through the gate, onto Crossways Lane.

  4. Turn left and follow the road until you reach the right hand turning onto Clay Lane. Follow Clay Lane to the end, until you reach The Hackett and St Paul’s Church. Continue straight, past the church, until you reach the first house on your right.

  5. Just before this house is a kissing gate and a public footpath. Go through and turn left, walking across the field to a gate in the hedge. Continue into the next field. Again continue straight to the gate into a third field, and go through the large metal gate in the left-hand corner ( a large metal gate with a smaller one attached). The footpaths are all clear on the ground.

  6. Now you’ll follow the footpath slightly diagonally (to the left) for a short while until you reach the left-hand side and you’l a kissing gate. Go through this and continue straight, down the hill.

  7. Cross through the opening in the hedge (this may be quite wet) and follow the footpath straight up the hill into the woodland. Walk uphill until you reach a gate that leads you onto a lane.

  8. Turn left and follow the lane to the junction. Take a slight left to the kissing gate, which is almost opposite the junction.

  9.  Follow the footapth on a left diagonal through the field, then through the opening in the hedge and straight across a large crop field. Ensure you keep to the footpath and mind the crops.

  10. Once you reach the otherside there should be a set of steps. Go down these steps at the end of the field onto the lane and turn right, then almost immediately left into the lane. Follow this until just before the house at the end, There will be a (very new!) footpath on your left. This has been put in place as a diversion to the origianal footpath through a private garden, so be respectful of the owners and take the new route.

  11. Turn right into the field, cross to the opposite side. Go through the gate and turn left, following the pathway that runs parallel to the field you have just crossed until you reach another gate at the end, and then a footbridge. Cross this.

  12. Turn right until you reach another footbridge on your right which you should cross.

  13. Turn left and continue straight until the next field, turning left just after the hedgerow.

  14. You’ll see there is a slight track in the grass made by farm vehicles, follow this to the end of the field, where you bear slightly right before crossing into the field straight ahead (with the pylons).

  15. Walk diagonally across this field in the direction of the closest pylon and to your right you’ll see a gateway in the hedgerow. Go through this, turn left and follow the edge of the field round until you reach the stile and footbridge (just before the opening in top left-hand corner).

  16. Once you have crossed these, turn right and follow the edge of the field round until you reach the stile attached to a large metail gate (just to the right of the house).

  17. Once on the road, turn left and continue for a short while down the lane until you reach the first footpath on your right. Go through the gate and then through a second gate into the field beyond.

  18. Walk sraight across the field, through the gate on the opposite side.

  19. Continue straight across this field (up the hill) and cross over the stile on the opposite side.

  20. Diagonally across (on your left), you’ll see a final stile that leads you out behind the football pitch on the new Thornbury Fields housing estate.

  21. Turn right and follow until the first path on your left, just after the new car park. Follow this to the end, then turn right.

  22. Follow this path all the way to the underpass. Once through the underpass, turn left and follow the path alongside Morton Way, up the hill, until you reach the post box and are back where you started.

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