*April Fool* – Malvern Avenue & Deer Lake Park

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(Note: this walk was for April Fools 2021 involving some familiar Thornbury road names in Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to our family across the pond for helping us out on this one!)

Distance: 3.9km   

Time: 1 to 1.5 hours
Starts: Malvern Avenue (directions)

A lovely walk around a local lake that is beautiful whatever the weather. The start of this one is a bit difficult to find but just head to the end of Malvern Avenue where it turns into Haszard Street.

This loop takes in the wonderful Deer Lake Park including walking down to the lake through the forest. Some great views can be found on the route at the viewing points of Frog Ponds and Turtle Viewing. You can even rent a boat at the Deer Lake Park boat rentals near the end of the walk. Just be careful in the park as sometimes there can be some dangerous wildlife.

Let’s get walking…

  1. The walk starts at the Bottom of Malvern Avenue just as it turns into Haszard Street.  Take the footpath at the corner of the turning.
  2. Follow the footpath and then turn left onto the road and almost imediately right on to the other end of Haszard Street.  Follow the street to the end and take the footpath straight ahead into the woods along Second Beach Trail.
  3. Follow the path all the way down through the woods.  Turn left at the bottom and follow the path over the stream.  This path then joins with a large number of other paths.  Just turn right and head towards the lake.
  4. Follow the path keeping the lake on your right.  Head past the Frog Pond viewpoint and over Beaver Creek.  When the path splits take the right hand path near to the Turtle Viewing viewpoint. 
  5. Follow the path away from the lake and take the right onto Price Street.  Follow the street and take the right sign posted Deer Lake Trail.
  6. Follow the trail back to the lake and continue following the trail keeping the lake on the right as close as possible.  When the path leaves the lake and widens out take the right and head onto Deer Lake Avenue.
  7. Cross over the bridge and take the first right back towards the lake.  Follow the path all the way to the carpark.  Cross over and head right along Sperling Avenue.
  8. Head up Sperling Avenue until it turns to the right at which point continue straight up the flights of steps.  
  9. At the top of the steps take the path on the left and follow it back onto Malvern Avenue and then you are back where you started!

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