Thornbury to Milbury Heath

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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 4.5km   
Time: 1-1/2 hours
Starts: Corner of Chiltern Park (directions)

We’d like to say a big thank you to Wendy who sent us this walk and kindly provided the instructions. It wasn’t one we’d done until she told us about it and we really enjoyed wandering through the countryside in the Hacket Lane area of Thornbury and through some lovely woodland before arriving in Milbury Heath.

Let’s get walking…

  1. Turn left out of Chiltern Park (away from the roundabout) and walk a little way down Morton Way. Take the kissing gate just past the entrace to Chiltern Park, on the opposite side of the road. Enter the field.

  2. After going through the kissing gate, walk straight ahead with the hedge on your left, to the gate at the end of the field.

  3. Go through the gate and walk in a straight line, slightly diagonally to your right, to a gap in the hedge opposite.

  4. After the gap in the hedge, bear slightly right and follow a faint path in the grass to a stagnant pool and concrete walkway across the stream. Once you have crossed, follow the footpath straight up the hill into the woodland. Walk uphill until you reach a gate that leads you onto a lane.

  5. Go left a little way down the lane and then take the  first public footpath on the opposite side of the road that you have just come up, up a steep flight of steps.

  6. Climb over the stile and head along the footpath straight away, up the hill. Eventually you’ll reach a stone stile which will take you out onto the A38 (be careful here, it’s a fast road).

  7. Cross the A38 and turn left. A few steps along, go through another gate – note the water tower through the trees on your right.

  8. Follow the waymarked footpath through another wooded area. Eventually you’ll reach a wooden bridge and stile, cross this to go into the field.

  9. Cross the field, keeping the water trough on your right and house on your left. In the corner of the field, next to the house/farm buildings there is a gate, go through this out onto the road.

  10. Turn left and follow the road all the way until you reach a junction and the small hamlet of Milbury Heath. Turn left and walk a short way down the road, before taking the first road on your right.

  11. Follow this towards until just before you get to the A38, then take the stone steps down to the right, just under the Give Way sign.

  12. As you emerge onto the A38, there are two houses opposite you. Cross over the road and go over the stile just beyond the second house on your left, beside the telegraph pole.

  13. Walk across the field, down the hill, towards the large pylon in the field beyond, following a faint grass path. A gate takes you out onto a small lane.

  14. Turn left and follow the lane to the end, then turn right onto Whitewall Lane. A few steps down the road is a set of steps on the left. Take these up into the field.

  15. Cross straight all the way across the field (it’s a long one!) until you come out in a second smaller field. Cross this too, keeping to the right edge, heading to the metal gate out onto Hacket Lane.

  16. Turn right down Hacket Lane and follow the road until you reach the farm on your left with a large metal gateway into the fields to its right. Go through the gate and follow the footpath along the left edge of the field into the next one, where you’ll also continue along the left edge into a third field (you were in this field earlier).

  17. Turn left and follow the field with the hedge on your right until you reach the kissing gate back out onto Morton Way.

  18. Cross Morton Way and walk left a little back to the entrance of Chiltern Park.

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