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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 6.4km   
Time: 1:30 to 2 hours
Starts: Mundy Playing Fields car park (directions)

This is one of out favourite Thornbury Walks so we’re excited to share it with you! Starting and ending at the Mundy Playing Fields, it takes you on a gentle loop up the Mumbleys and along a lovely footpath overlooking Thornbury, before coming back in behind the castle.

Let’s get walking…

  1.  Start at the Mundy Playing Fields car park. Head left (opposite the entrace to the car park) past the Tennis Club and behind the football pitch. Just before the end you will see a footpath on your right, (there is a stone stile, a small bridge and a kissing gate) into the fields.

  2. Go through the kissing gate and head straight across the field to the large metal gate and small iron kissing gate next to it, directly on the opposite side. Go through.

  3. Continue straight across this next field, climbing gently uphill until you reach a kissing gate on the opposite side and a small wooded area next to the golf centre.

  4. Once through the kissing gate the path forks in two. Take the right hand path and follow this all the way along until you reach the woods. Here you get some lovely views over to Wales.

  5. Once the path has curved round to the left, you’ll have the woods on your right. Follow the public footpath that runs alongside the outside of the woods, keeping them on your close right the whole time. Eventually you’ll reach a wooden stile straight ahead of you.

  6. Climb over a stile and head along the narrow footpath between the two horse fields. At the end, climb over the stile out onto the road (Mumbleys Lane).

  7. Here you are at a crossroads, take the road straight ahead. Follow this road until it forks, either carrying on as a road or turning into a bridleway. Take the right fork – the bridleway (although really it is more straight ahead) – and follow this until the end.

  8. At the end there is a gate straight ahead or a footpath to your right. Follow the footpath to the right all the way along until you come out onto the road.

  9. Turn right and follow the road down the hill until it ends. Turn right onto Kington Way.

  10. Follow Kington Way, through a small area of houses, until you reach a junction where you can either continue along Kington Way or turn left onto Kington Road. In the middle of these two roads, up a set of wooden steps in the hedgerow is a public footpath. Take this, up the steps and over the stile.

  11. Take the public footpath along the left hand edge of the field until you reach the end and there is a rocky track leading downwards on your left. You may need remove the electric fence to get to it (don’t worry, there is a plastic handhold!).

  12. Follow the track until you see a metal kissing gate on your left that leads to a footpath running parallel to the track. Take this (it is tempting to stay on the track but remember to respect the farmer’s land).

  13. Follow the footpath to the metal gate, go through and then through the second kissing gate straight ahead. Follow the path through the woodland before it banks steeply upwards onto a larger track. Go right and follow the track until you reach a set of two gates, go through them both.

  14. Continue straight until you come out on the track behind Thornbury Castle. Head right for a bit until you see a small footpath on your right called “The Pithay”. Follow this until you come out in Thornbury Cemetery.

  15. To leave the cemetery, keep left, you’ll see a public footpath and gate that takes you out onto Kington Lane.

  16. Cross Kington Lane and follow the footpath straight ahead. You’ll see various paths to your left and right but keep following the path you’re on, roughly straight until you reach some woodland.

  17. Keep going straight through the woodland until you come out in the corner of the Mundy Playing Fields. Go right up the hill and you’ll be back in the car park where you started!

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