Oldbury Loop

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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 8.6km   
Time: 2-2:30 hours
Starts: Thornbury Scout Hut (directions)

Driving down to Oldbury to walk down by the Sailing Club is a popular local walk. But did you know that walking to Oldbury from Thornbury is actually really easy, as well as being an extremely pretty route!

This walk takes you from Thornbury Scout Hut on Park Road to Oldbury via fields and tracks, coming out by St Arilda Church for stunning views of the River Severn. It then loops back through the village (with optional stops at the pub/ coffee horse box!) before coming back into Thornbury via Pickedmoor Rhine. A wonderful country stroll!

Let’s get walking…

  1. Start at Thornbury Scout Hut. Head left out of the car park along Park Road until you reach St Mary Church and Thornbury Castle. 
  2. Follow the track directly to the left of Thornbury Castle’s main entrance. Follow it until it forks into two, take the path to your left.
  3. Follow this (which turns from a track into a path) until you reach a series of kissing gates. Cross over both and continue walking straight.
  4. After walking along the edge of a field for a while the path bears to the right, keep following it all the way along until you reach the road at the end (Kington Road).
  5. Turn left and then take the footpath immediately on your right, over the plank bridge and stile. Follow the footpath along the left hand edge of the field until you reach a set of two footpaths on the left. Take the one that goes through the metal gate and over the bridge to the farm. 
  6. This is a working farm area and the fencing configurations do change depending on the livestock the farm owner has in the field. Essentially you want to end up at the kissing gate on the top right of field. Normally you would walk diagonally right across the field but there might be some other fences to navigate to get there! The farmer has put a diagram on the gate though to direct you.
  7. Once you are through the gate into the next field keep going on a slight right diagonal to the metal gate in the hedgerow. Once through here, follow the footpath straight across the field to the gate on the other side. This takes you out onto Kington Lane.
  8. On Kington Lane, turn right and follow the road until you see a track straight ahead (on the right of the road). Follow this track all the way to the end – it comes out just before St Arilda Church in Oldbury. For beautiful views of the River Severn, take a detour to the churchyard.
  9. From the track, turn right and head down the hill into Oldbury, past the school and the Anchor pub.
  10. After the pub, take the first road on the right (Chapel Road) and follow this through Oldbury.
  11. Once you reach the junction to The Naite and Pickedmoor Lane, take the footpath along the grass that runs alongside Pickedmoor Lane (straight ahead, as if you were driving back to Thornbury). Just before the road curves to the right, there is a metal gate in the hedgerow. Go through, into the fields ahead.
  12. Follow the footpath along the right edge of the field and the stream until you reach a bridge over the stream. Cross the bridge and carry on along the track, through the large metal farm gate, straight ahead across the field and through a second large metal gate on the other side. Then you’ll be on the track that forms the driveway to Park Mill Farm.
  13. Go left and then through the large metal gate immediately on the right. Follow the track around the edge of the woodland, then keep following as it turns left and then right, heading towards woodland on the other side of the fields. Once at the edge of the woodland, turn right to where the path forks. You can either carry on straight ahead, or you’ll see a large old fashioned metal gate on your left. The route is clearly, just follow the path between the fences set by the farmer.
  14. You can squeeze around the edge of this gate, then follow the footpath to a set of two stiles, crossing a track.
  15. Once you’ve crossed both of these stiles, continue on the footpath along the right edge of the field and the edge of the stream (this is Pickedmoor Lane Rhine), towards the housing estate.
  16. Once you’ve reached the housing estate, cross to the newly built gravelly footpath and then onto the road (Deer Park) – this path is still in progress so terrain is rough.
  17. Follow Deer Park to it’s entrance, then turn right onto Barley Fields crossing the large metal road bridge. Follow the road to the gate in the top right hand corner of the housing estate (by the Castle School Field).
  18. Go through the gate straight ahead onto the footpath that runs alongside Alexandra Way Residential home. Follow this until you reach Alexandra Way, then turn right and follow the road until you reach Park Road.
  19. Turn right onto Park Road and you’ll see the Scout Hut straight ahead, back to where you started.

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