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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 4.1km   
Time: 1 – 1:30 hours    
Starts: Thornbury Scout Hut (directions)

If you’re after a walk that is accessible/ pushchair friendly (bar one small set of steps) or involves no mud, Thornbury has a wonderful range of stream side pathways and parks to enjoy. 

We have put together this loop that takes in some of our favourite walkways in the town, largely away from any roads. There is a choice of routes depending on your preference about halfway through – either a pavement-based diversion, or a more direct route across slightly rougher terrain (which can be muddy). It doesn’t matter which you pick, they end up in the same place!

Let’s get walking…

  1. The walk starts at the Thornbury Scout Hut/ Park Road car park.
  2. Head right out of the car park and take the footpath on your right, running alongside Thornbury Scout Hut. Follow this to the end, and cross over the zebra crossing.
  3. Once across the zebra crossing, continue straight and cross through the railings onto the Thornbury streamside footpath. This is just to the right of the entrance to Beechacres.
  4. Follow the footpath all the way along until you reach a crossroads in the path (that leads onto the Sixth Form field). Take the left-hand path and follow it onto Maple Avenue.
  5. Continue straight along Maple Avenue until you reach the footpath at the opposite end. Head through the railings and follow the footpath onto a small green area. Take the right-hand path and follow it until you reach some steps.
  6. If you are following our accessible route, turn right and follow the alley onto Woodleigh. Turn immediately left and follow the road round onto Oakleaze Road.

Alternative route

If you want to follow a more direct route, instead of turning right at the steps, continue straight down the alleyway opposite the path you have just come along. You’ll come out on a small track that leads you down behind some houses and the Christ the King School Field. Follow this to the end and the cross over the road to the steps on the other side.

Rejoin the route at step 9.

  1. Turn left and follow Oakleaze Road to the end until you reach Easton Hill Road.
  2. Turn left up the hill until you reach a set of steps on the right (leading to OneStop).
  3. Go up the steps and follow the path until you come out at the front of OneStop (ice cream stop?!) on Primrose Drive.
  4. Cross over Primrose Drive into the alleyway directly opposite OneStop. Follow this to the end until you reach Morton Way.
  5. Cross Morton Way and head straight down Shrew Gardens, until you reach the park at the end.
  6. Turn left onto the footpath just after the sign for Nos. 1-5 (Odds) and follow this into the park until you reach the wooden footbridge on your right. Don’t forget to look for alpacas in the field on the right!
  7. Cross the bridge on your and follow the path until you reach a second footbridge, cross this too.
  8. Head staight up the hill until you reach the top path that goes to your left along side the football pitch.
  9. Follow the path straight until you reach the underpass. Go through the underpass and take the left of the two paths in front of you. When the path forks in two, take the left and continue straight until you reach the road by The Anchor Pub.
  10. Cross the road and continue straight onto the footpath opposite (taking you alongside the houses on Charles Close/ the old Park Farm Estate.
  11. Continue along the stream until you reach the third bridge. Cross this and then turn immediately left across a second bridge.
  12. Continue following the path along the stream until you reach the underpass. Cross under this and then you are back where you started!

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