Thornbury Woods & Railways

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*Note* This walk has not been reviewed since Spring 2021. Therefore there may be changes to footpaths or access since it was written. We recommend referring to the Thornbury OS map or OS app for the most up to date information.

Distance: 3.3km   
Time: 1 hour
Starts: Thornbury Tesco (directions)

This walk has a bit of everything- woodland, fields, views and some of Thornbury’s industrial heritage along the old railway line. 

Let’s get walking…

  1. The walk starts at the Thornbury Tesco – begin on the path that runs around the edge of the building and car park, between Tesco and the Essilor building on the industrial estate.
  2. Head along the path away from Midland Way and Thornbury town centre and follow it past Vilner Lane Wood until you reach the end, by Thornbury Skate Park and the Leisure Centre.
  3. Instead of continuing into to the skate park, turn left and follow the path (keeping the the industrial estate on your left), into Filnore Woods. It can be quite flooded so bring wellies!
  4. Take the second footpath on your left, which curves gently up a hill to the top of Filnore Woods. Stay on the path (ignoring those that climb steeply up the hill) until you reach a gate, about halfway up. Go through the gate and continue until you reach the hedgerow and are at the top of the hill.
  5. Here there will be a footpaths on your left, straight ahead and to the right. Take the path straight ahead (through a kissing gate), into the field beyond.
  6. Follow the clearly trodden footpath on the left edge of the field, through a total of 4 fields. Make sure you stick to the path as these fields are used to grow crops.
  7. About 3/4 of the way through the 4th field you will see a gap in the hedgerow with a footpath through a tunnel of trees. Follow this and you will come out on a small road (Abbey Lane).
  8. Turn left and on the opposite side of the road you will see a gate into fields overlooking Thornbury (marked with with a yellow public footpath) sign. Go through the gate and head straight down the field until you reach another kissing gate on your left.
  9. Go through the kissing gate and head diagonally down hill and through a set of two metal gates, before heading diagonally down a bit further and through a final gate onto Midland Way.
  10. Cross the road and take the alleyway slightly to the right of where you just crossed. When you come to a crossroads in the path, continue straight, under the railway bridge and onto Eskdale.
  11. Turn right and follow the road until you reach Avon Way. Turn right and walk until you reach the mini roundabout. Before you cross the road by the roundabout, turn right through the metal barriers onto the footpath (running parallel to where you have just walked). This is Thornbury’s old railway line!
  12. Follow the path all the way to the end, coming out on Midland Way opposite Happy Days Nursery. Cross the road, turn right, crossing again at the industrial estate (Cooper Road). Follow the alley to the right of the Essilor building and you will be back where you started!

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